What Does Comprehensive School Health Mean to Us as Future Teachers?

What Does Comprehensive School Health Mean to the 2015 CSH Cohort?

Comprehensive School Health recognizes that as teachers we must care for the whole child, not simply in an academic context, but also by fostering resiliency, modelling positive relationships, encouraging healthy eating habits and promoting physical activity, with the aim of encouraging our students to be well-rounded, healthy human-beings.

 Nicole, Nina, Nadia, Stephanie M, Kyrstine, Jen, Dawna and Tanja

As new teachers, we believe that CSH means understanding and respecting the whole child and preparing them to respect themselves and others. Children should understand their body and mind as one and treat it as a holistic entity to their lives.

 Emma, Amanda, Alessandra, Craig, Erin, Rebecca, Mitchel, and Steph D.

As new teachers, we have been given the incredible gift of knowledge; knowledge that the overall health of the student far outweighs the importance of academic excellence. To do this, we practice: focusing our instruction around the multifaceted nature of our classrooms; fostering healthy relationships between students( and modelling healthy relationships); and, finally, we aim to create a safe environment for all students to learn and grow in ALL ways while being supportive of every single individual effort.

Dani, Megan and Bonnie

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