Living Pedagogical Moments Between Curriculum as Lived and Curriculum as Plan: A Phenomenological Inquiry into the Tensions of Teacher Education

Kelsey Knowles; 2015



Seeking a (Respec)table Environment: A Phenomenological Inquiry Into Pre-Service Teachers’ Lived Experience of Anaphylaxis 

Jordan Shipley; 2015



Learning to Teach-in-Relation: Community Service Learning, Phenomenology, and the Medicine Wheel

Desiree Streit; 2015





Reprioritizing Graduate Students’ Motivation: Examining the Decline in a Graduate Student’s Physical Activity Routines During their Academic Journey

Erin Kraft; April 2015




Kindness Counts: How engaging in acts of kindness can improve one’s subjective well-being

Keegan On; June, 2014



bus 1

From auto-body to mindful mover: Developing my present moment consciousness while using public transit. 

Kelsey Knowles; May, 2014

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