Physical and Mental Health Resources



Canadian Psychiatric Research Foundation

When Something’s Wrong: Strategies for Teachers Handbook  (2005)

A quick reference source of useful classroom strategies to help elementary and secondary school teachers and administrators understand and assist students with mood, behaviour or thinking disorders.

Canadian Mental Health Association

Mental Health and High School

Site specifically for teachers that provides information about recognizing when there’s a problem, ways to help, examples of effective accommodations and other links.

Children’s Mental Health Ontario

Providers of child and youth mental health treatment services throughout Ontario. Can search for local services.

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Talking about mental illness: Teacher’s resource (awareness program)

Great site that includes lesson plans (linked to Ontario curriculum).

S.A.F.E. in Canada

1-800-DON’T-CUT (800-366-8288)

Resource for self-abuse prevention, support, education, and awareness.

Kids Help Phone


Toll-free, 24-hour, bilingual and anonymous phone counselling, referral and Internet service for children and youth.

Youth Suicide Prevention Website

Info for youth, friends of youth and adults (reasons, risk factors, warning signs, providing support).

Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa

24 hour Crisis line (for children, youth, and their families): 613-260-2360

Youth and Family Counselling Services Intake line: 613-562-3004

List drop-in services for youth (including GLBTTQ), intake services, youth justice links.

Teen Mental Health

Translation & transfer of scientific knowledge. Information for teens, parents, community organizations, transition info for students moving from high school to post-secondary.


Ontario Physical and Health education Association, providing many teaching resource, workshops, newsletters, conferences, and links.  This site offers resources galore, especially the grade specific Curriculum Support Document.  Step by step lesson plans.

Canadian Intramural Recreation Association Ontario – This site offers resources which can be incorporated into DPA, H & PE and Intramural activities.

Curriculum based resources from the Dairy Farmers of Ontario.  They provide free workshops for teachers too!

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health; Curriculum based lesson plans and many other resources and links for drug education personal and social skills.

Up to date explanations by Canada’s leading experts; separate sites for teens, parents, teachers, healthcare professionals, and adults.  Lots of good lesson plan ideas for sexual health education!

Leading publisher of PE related resources (Books, videos, CD’s, posters, Fitness Kits, etc.).

Free program for teachers called “Lungs are for Life” – step by step curriculum based lesson plans for tobacco education (grades 4-10).

Getting Assessment Right: Health and Physical Education Grades 1-8 – this is a great resource for assessment in PE.  The participation rubric came from this document.

Active Living Alliance; for students with disabilities.  Ideas for inclusion.

Physical and Health education (PHE) Canada (formerly the Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance) – Activity ideas, quality school health, conferences, and many more resources!

A website that traces the origin of physical literacy

A website that gives resources and academic articles related to teaching tactical games.

Statistics Canada Website for learning resources and lesson plans.

Education website with downloadable Daily Physical Activity Handbook with cross-curricular links.

US site dedicated to PE teachers; lesson ideas, assessment strategies, resources, etc.

Ottawa local youth mental health promotion program run by youth within the community.!mindmasters/c1cq0

Program to teach children how to manage their stress and develop a positive perspective.

Ottawa Public Health initiative to provide resources for teachers and parents to have THAT – mental health – talk with their students/children.

Help people to find inner peace by sharing how to incorporate holistic practices such as meditation and mindfulness into their daily lives, as well as enjoying the satisfaction that comes with taking charge of their well being.



Teaching Nutrition


Other Resources for Educators

How Kids Can Talk to Parents About Depression

Treating and Living with Anxiety

Addiction and Depression: Treating Co-Occurring Disorders

A Navigation Guide to Self-Discovery During Your Addiction Recovery Journey

Recognizing and Treating Depression During Pregnancy

Marriage and Mental Health: How to Cope When Your Spouse Has Been Diagnosed with Schizophrenia

7 Tips for Creating a Healthy and Positive Work Environment

A Healthy Home is a Happy Home: How to Optimize Your Home for Healthy, Stress-free Living



  • Inside the Mind: Mental Health in Schools