2013 Health Cohort

Lunch & Learn Workshop Series – 477 LMX (noon-12:50pm)

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 CSH Cohort – Lunch & Learn Workshop Series 2013


Newtrition! Tuesday, Feb 5

Lunch n learn opportunity for everyone: offering recipes, samples, and tasty treats. This promotes the three pillars of Comprehensive School of Health: Healthy living, healthy relationships, and healthy environments. We are what we eat!

Presenter(s): Amanda Lupia and Allie Matthews

Click here for the Presentation produced by Amanda Lupia : Newtrition and Healthy Living


 Fun & Learn Workshop : Craving the elements February 12th, 2013

jv out (2)By Jordan Venne

 This workshop focused on reminding educators of all divisions that exist in winter.  The outdoors provides an excellent environment for cross-curricular learning opportunities. Amanda Dandy and Selena Leblond shared  a number of great active games that students play outside.  They emphasized how with some creativity, the winter weather lends itself to fun, cost effective and cross curricular activities.

Following this segment was Jordan Venne’s lesson on safety and preparation for taking a class outdoors. This lesson varied from the basics of outdoor education to the dangers involved with prolonged exposure to the elements that one may experience during a field trip.  

Jordan and Derek workshopDerek Carpenter followed up with a display and explanation of traditional winter sport activities that could arouse interest in students and lead them towards active lifestyles. He also shared a video of the “super cat” improvised stove and suggested that its construction could be interesting for a Senior/Intermediate project.

The last segment was centered on the construction of improvised snow shelters. Together we discussed how this activity is physically demanding, engaging and contextualizes concepts in science and technology and Physical Education.


Heart Math: Tuesdays March 5 & 12

We are running a two-part lunch series on the science and practical skills involved with transforming stress through changes in breath and emotion. 

Enrolment is limited to 20 people, and there will be a $5.00 fee to help pay for a workbook.

Presenter(s): Christopher Barham


Get Down! & Integrating a Flow: March 19

-Unsure of where to start or how to integrate cross-curricular content in dance? Integrating the mind-body experience with dance is a snap. You will leave with basic choreographies, resources, and an understanding of how to integrate mindfulness into kin-esthetics.

– Yoga is food for the soul for all ages. Figure out how to properly integrate yoga into the curriculum for various grades. Chanting and basic mindfulness are pivotal to a successful yoga practice.

Presenter(s): Leah Dabrowski & Ali Matthews


2012 Health Cohort

This is our first ever exciting series of lunch ‘n’ learn workshops!  This year’s series featured four workshops from students in the Comprehensive School Health Cohort in a variety of workshop lectures.

 View the Lunch ‘n’ Learn Workshop Series flyer


Meditation in the Classroom – with Netta Rotstein. For her Power Point presentation and a worksheet,

meditation         Meditation Activities to do with students-1

Visual Art & Radio for Children and Youth – with Stephanie Sears & Christopher Nixon

Indigenous in the City – with Andrea Young. For Andrea’s list of resources  on Native issues,

Resources for Native Information

Book: I Have Lived Here Sine the World Began: An Illustrated History of Canada’s Native People by Arthur J. Ray —this is a good basic history of Native people

Book: Fair Country: Telling Truths About Canada by John R. Saul —a reminder of Canada’s foundational indigenousness

Book: Peace, Power and Righteousness: An Indigenous Manifesto by Taiaiake Alfred —indigenous contemporary thought

Book: Decolonizing Methodologies by Linda Smith —research, education, and Indigenous people

Book: Look to the Mountain: An Ecology of Indigenous Education by Gregory Cajete —holistic Indigenous education: the past and future for all

Website: http://www.fncfcs.com/fnwitness/ – First Nations children, education, child welfare

CBC “8th Fire

Daily Physical Activity (DPA) in the Classroom – with Katie Lowry & Jennifer Pereira