Sky Zone: The Benefits of Healthy Living

Contributed by Ryan Parry, Megan Lafave, & Emily Reavie (Teacher Candidates)

skyzone1What is Sky Zone?:

Are you tired of the same old fitness routine? Then look no further as Sky Zone offers a different approach to exercise for all ages! Sky Zone offers many activities to keep you engaged and excited to be physically active. These activities include: jumpapalooza (a large set up of many trampolines), sky jam (rectangular trampolines that have a basketball net for jumpers to shoot a ball into), skyrobics (a class that is provided where jumpers participate in air aerobics), dodgeball (two courts where jumpers play at least 4 vs. 4), and a foam zone (a trampoline that jumpers utilize in order to jump into a foam pit).

In today’s society, physical education is lacking in both the school and home environment. Sky Zone hosts a great opportunity for parents to promote healthy living for their children. Our experience at Sky Zone shows that parents can easily participate in the fun activities with their children, therefore, becoming active living role models for them.

Sky Jam
Foam Zone


Dodge Ball
















Benefits of Trampolining:

Sky Zone has many benefits that promote positive cardiovascular health in children and adults alike. Jumping against gravity strengthens our body systems and is a low impact workout. Trampolines absorb the force when landing; therefore, allowing easy movements on hips, knees, spine, bones and joints. A key factor in promoting exercising is making the activity enjoyable which is exactly what trampolining does. According to a Nasa study, jumping on a trampoline for 10 minutes is the equivalent to a 30-minute run; therefore providing the same physical benefits in ⅓ of the amount of time (Nasa June 2012). Bouncing on a trampoline can help improve balance and coordination through the various movements, along with concentration which ensures the next movement is completed successfully e.g., landing on your feet.

In addition to this, more benefits include: stimulating metabolism, increasing oxygen capacity and oxygen circulation to tissues, improving the circulation of the lymphs through the lymph glands, strengthening the heart (cardiovascular health), increasing energy and sense of vitality, and firms / tones the muscles. Furthermore, trampolining provides a sense of relaxation through the release of endorphins which helps reduce stress and ease both depression and anxiety.

We had so much fun while expending a lot of energy!
We had so much fun while expending a lot of energy!

Integrating Sky Zone into the School / Home Setting:

Sky Zone itself provides children with a fun activity that also helps burn calories. Therefore, by taking students to Sky Zone, we are promoting a healthy hobby while allowing children the opportunity to experience something that they might not be able to experience outside of school. Sky Zone offers great group discounts on classes, passes for school boards to purchase, and they also allow visits based on the hour. On that note, Sky Zone also provides a great opportunity to continue healthy living aspects in the school setting. The school could provide students with mini trampolines that would have the same effect on the body. Students will be able to upgrade their skills as they do this activity. For example, at Sky Zone you could go from jumping on your feet to jumping up and bouncing on your bum and rolling, etc. On the mini trampolines, students would be able to upgrade their skills by jumping on one foot, jumping while throwing a ball to a partner, etc. This way, students learn about physical literacy through doing this activity. They learn to enjoy movement and learn about their bodies. In terms of physical education class in a gym setting, students would be able to utilize the jumping skill that they learned at Sky Zone to incorporate it into many sports and parts of the Ontario curriculum. One key feature that could also be used inside the classroom is a variation of Skyrobics where students would participate in regular aerobics such as doing a warm-up, cardio, strength training, a cool down, and stretching. These exercises can be used not only on trampolines but also in the classroom and at home.

Healthy Schools:

We believe that Sky Zone and its resources are part of the “Home, School and Community Partnerships” in the efforts that contribute to a healthy school. Sky Zone offers physical activities that cannot only be done at Sky Zone, but also at home, school, and within the community. The resources that Sky Zone offers needs school staff, parents, partnerships, and others from around the community to help educate and promote physical activities in a fun and engaging way.