Safe and Accepting Schools


Ontario is dedicated to creating safe, welcoming environments for all in their schools. This is a multifaceted community effort, and as such, many resources have been created and implemented.


Located here are resources for promoting a positive school climate, including, but not limited to:

  • school climate information and surveys,
  • school and community safety policies,
  • bullying prevention plans,
  • and an overview of progressive discipline.


Listed Below are Additional Resources for Promoting a Positive School Climate and Ensuring Safety:

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy as an Inclusive Practice 

The resource Capacity Building Series K-12: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Towards Equity and Inclusivity in Ontario Schools (2013) is available here.

Progressive Discipline with Special Populations 

The resource Caring and Safe Schools in Ontario: Supporting Students with Special Education Needs Through Progressive Discipline,
Kindergarten to Grade 12 (2010) is available here.

Teacher Responsibility in Ensuring Safety  

Safety is a key responsibility of an educator, and the Professional Advisory Safety in Learning Environments: A Shared Responsibility is located here, with a special set of guidelines regarding electronic communication and social media here.

Teacher Safety

The safety of teachers is very important. If you feel your school has created insufficient Safety Plans, this resource can help you.