Congrats to the CSH Cohort 2015!

By: Dani Luther
Over the course of the year, this fantastic group of individuals has worked incredibly hard at promoting comprehensive school health. With the amazing success that the student-led workshops, members went above and beyond what was asked of them and branched out into the community. Some participated in a day of instructing African Dance; another group worked weekly to practice mindfulness in schools; and, we have all taken the time to implement as many elements of Comprehensive School Health that we could in our placements. Special mention must go out to all of those who held workshops: not only is this not a requirement, but it also an arduous task, especially in an eight-month condensed program. Way to go team! To round out the year, the cohort came together to write a simple children’s book representing all elements of Comprehensive School Health. We called it, The ABC’s of Health and we are very pleased to present the pdf version in the link below. 

ABC’s of Health

CSHgroup2 CSHgroup3

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