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Together We Learn: Inclusionary Practices
Organized by Comprehensive School Health Education Research Unit
Date: November 4 – 9:00 – 12:30pm
Location: LMX
Cost: $10

Previous Events

2017-2018 Comprehensive School Health Orientation

First Year Students Second Year Students
Welcome to the CSH cohort!

Our orientation is planned for Tuesday, September 5 from 1:00 – 3:00.

We will meet in LMX477 (4th floor of Lamoureux Hall) but will spend most of our time together outside so please be dressed for walking.

See you in a few weeks!

Jess & Rebecca

CSH Cohort Co-Leads

Welcome back CSH cohort!

Thursday, September 14 @ 2:30 (until 4:00) in your calendar for CSH orientation? We’ll meet in LMX339 but we can head outside if we decide we’d rather.

Can’t wait to see you all!

Jess & Rebecca

CSH Cohort Leads


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