February 25 – Yoga for Kids in the Classroom

Untitled drawing (9)

Presenters: Yu Lan Ayuen, Rebecca Fox, Gaganpreet Hans, Dawna Langford, Maria Alejandra Oller and Aleksa Pahapill

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Share the gift of yoga with your students through cooperative games, stories, songs, drawing, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.

February 11 – Healthy Fundraising Ideas … Food & Beyond!

Untitled drawing (4)Presenters: Erin Billinghurst, Krys Delahunt, Jen Spronck, and Megan Tessier

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School fundraisers are an important part of supporting the school community.  In this workshop, learn about healthy fundraising ideas that meet the Ministry of Education’s Food and Beverage Policy (PPM150), organizational tips, and general guidelines for running a successful fundraiser.

February 4 – Outdoor DPA 

Untitled drawing (3)Presenters: Nadia Ahee, Mitchell Baxter, Colin Bunge, Amy Huang, and Christine Vandenburg 

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Take your kids outside this winter! This workshop promises to leave you with some great outdoor activities that you can do with your class during the winter months. We know that you’ll leave with a new appreciation for the amazing benefits of outdoor activities across the seasons.


January 28 – Inside the Mind: Mental Health in Schools

PUntitled drawing (6)resenters: Julia Dods, Amanda Liotta, and Alessandra Traversari

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 An interactive workshop focusing on anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. We will be discussing common misconceptions, stigma surrounding mental health issues, teaching students about mental health awareness, and what you can do as a teacher if you suspect that a student may be suffering from a mental health issue. 

Since January 28th, 2015, was “Bell Let’s Talk Day”, we made text message donations on behalf of all those who attended the Lunch n’ Learn workshop.

January 21 – Games of Low Organization

Untitled drawing (7)Presenters: Anelia D’Souza, Maureen Harding, Tanja Tomas, EmmaWallace

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Our role as educators, is to promote social integration in our school community. We should be fostering friendships, social acceptance and full participation from all of our students to create an inclusive environment. According to Hutchinson et al. (2012), “when children do tasks withfriends, they interact more, pay more attention to equity rules and discuss mutually beneficial outcome more”, as educators we should be stressing the importance of friendship with our students. 

As former students in elementary, we all know the importance of spending time with friends at recess. We propose the use of teacher led low-organization activities that promote full participation to help increase feelings of belonging among our students during lunch hour. This workshop will introduce you to some games as well as give you an opportunity to share some  activities that you are familiar with that you think could be implemented on a school playground.


December 11 – African Dance Workshop

Presenter: Kahmaria Pingue


December 4 – Facilitating the Promotion of CSH in our B.Ed. Program

Presenter: Rebecca Lloyd (Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Education)


October 30 – Social Emotional Learning in Schools

Presenter: Jess Whitley (uOttawa Associate Professor of Inclusive Education)


October 23 – Physical and Health Education Canada – Health Promoting Schools

Presenter: Bill Walsh

Healthy School Communities Presentation Slides


October 16 – Bullying

Presenter: David Smith (uOttawa Counseling Professor)

Bullying remains a serous problem in Canadian schools, and teachers are key to resolving bullying in the long-term. In this presentation, David will talk about the extent of the bullying problem in Canada, prevention efforts that appear promising, and resources cohort members can access to guide their own work as teachers.


October 9 – Health Eating in Schools

Presenter: Kym MacAulay, Public Health Nurse, School Health Program

Kym is a Public Health Nurse in the School Health Program. She is responsible for supporting teachers in facilitating understanding among their students about healthy eating and nutrition. She will bring practical information, experience and resources in her workshop.


October 2 – Mental Health

Presenter: Tracy Vaillancourt (uOttawa Canada Research Chair in Children’s Mental Health and Violence Prevention)


September 25 – EcoSchools

Presenter: Tom Thistle (Facilities Management – OCDSB)

Tom is with the Facilities Department at the OCDSB and is the Environmental Management Coordinator. He is also a facilitator of EcoSchools within the board – http://ontarioecoschools.org. Tom will discuss the criteria for becoming an EcoSchool as well as the practical considerations of reducing waste and recycling within a school or board.

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September 22 – Games of Low Organization (GLO) Workshop

Presenter: Bob Thomas (Health and Physical Education consultant for OCSB)

Bob Thomas, the Health and Physical Education (HPE) consultant for the Ottawa Catholic School Board who is well-known in HPE educational communities across Ontario as well as Canada, will give a workshop on teaching Games of Low Organization (GLO)s in a manner that is off the chart in terms of enthusiasm and positive energy. The workshop will take place in gymnasium 3, MNT Hall from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.


September 18 – Canadian Assessment of Physical Literacy Workshop

Presenter: Stacey Alpous (HALO Research Group)

The Canadian Assessment of Physical Literacy (CAPL) is a research-grade assessment of the physical literacy of children 8 to 12 years of age. CAPL assesses 4 core domains (physical competence, daily behaviour, knowledge of physical activity, motivation for physical activity) that support children’s capacity for a healthy, active lifestyle. By the end of this workshop, students will be able to assess one or more aspects of physical literacy and interpret CAPL results to support learning/health promotion objectives and provide feedback to children/parents.



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