Safe and Accepting Schools

Ontario is dedicated to creating safe, welcoming environments for all in their schools. This is a multifaceted community effort, and as such, many resources have been created and implemented.



Located here are resources for promoting a positive school climate, including, but not limited to:

  • school climate information and surveys,
  • school and community safety policies,
  • bullying prevention plans,
  • and an overview of progressive discipline.


Listed below are clickable additional Ontario resources for promoting a positive school climate and ensuring safety:

  • Culturally Responsive Pedagogy as an Inclusive Practice 

Capacity Building Series K-12: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Towards Equity and Inclusivity in Ontario Schools (2013)

  • Supporting Students with Refugee Backgrounds

Capacity Building K–12: A Framework for Responsive Practice (2016)

  • Supporting English Language Learners with Limited Prior Schooling

Capacity Building Series K-12: English Literacy Development (2014) 

  • Classroom Practices to Help Build Resilience 

Bolstering Resilience in Students: Teachers as Protective Factors (2010)

  • Helping Students Develop Self-Regulation 

Understanding Self-Regulation: Why Stressed Students Struggle to Learn (2016)

  • Progressive Discipline with Special Populations 

Caring and Safe Schools in Ontario: Supporting Students with Special Education Needs Through Progressive Discipline,
Kindergarten to Grade 12 (2010)

  • Teacher Responsibility in Ensuring Safety  

Safety is a key responsibility of an educator, and the Professional Advisory Safety in Learning Environments: A Shared Responsibility is located here, with a special set of guidelines regarding electronic communication and social media here.

  • Teacher Safety

The safety of teachers is very important. If you feel your school has created insufficient Safety Plans, this resource can help you.