Associate Professor

WhitleyFaculty of Education

University of Ottawa

Ottawa, ON

Canada K1N 6N5



Tel: 613-562-5800 x4963



Dr. Jess Whitley’s research is focused on better understanding the school experiences of students with exceptionalities, including those with mental health issues, as well as the various student-, classroom- and school-level factors that influence the academic and psychosocial outcomes of these students. She also collaborates in the development and evaluation of multi-disciplinary intervention studies that draw on my research findings and those of others to directly impact the academic and psychosocial outcomes of students with exceptionalities.

With respect to the Comprehensive School Health ERU, she brings a perspective on health that is based in psychological well-being. Her background includes working with children and adolescents who are struggling to fit into traditional school environments, including those with exceptionalities. Finding ways to create health-promoting environments that facilitate the authentic inclusion of students with exceptionalities is a key goal of her involvement in this ERU.


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