Safe and Accepting Schools


Ontario is dedicated to creating safe, welcoming environments for all in their schools. This is a multifaceted community effort, and as such, many resources have been created and implemented.


Located here are resources for promoting a positive school climate, including, but not limited to:

  • school climate information and surveys,
  • school and community safety policies,
  • bullying prevention plans,
  • and an overview of progressive discipline.


Listed Below are Additional Resources for Promoting a Positive School Climate and Ensuring Safety:

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy as an Inclusive Practice 

The resource Capacity Building Series K-12: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Towards Equity and Inclusivity in Ontario Schools (2013) is available here.

Progressive Discipline with Special Populations 

The resource Caring and Safe Schools in Ontario: Supporting Students with Special Education Needs Through Progressive Discipline,
Kindergarten to Grade 12 (2010) is available here.

Teacher Responsibility in Ensuring Safety  

Safety is a key responsibility of an educator, and the Professional Advisory Safety in Learning Environments: A Shared Responsibility is located here, with a special set of guidelines regarding electronic communication and social media here.

Teacher Safety

The safety of teachers is very important. If you feel your school has created insufficient Safety Plans, this resource can help you.


Contributed by Stephany Garcia (Teacher Candidate)

The Ontario Art Therapy Association is a non-profit organization that consists of members who promote, maintain, and develop the profession of Art Therapy in all of Ontario. Their mission is to serve members and communities by creating standards of Art Therapy education, professional skills and ethical practices.

YOUth Taking Action

Contributed by Jenalynne Celestino and Hodan Omar (Teacher Candidates)

This week’s lunch and learn guest speaker comes in the form of Ian Bingeman, DILA Youth Program Coordinator. During the lunch and learn workshop, the Comprehensive School Health cohort had the pleasure of learning more about encouraging students to achieve social change in and around their local communities.

OPHEA – Steps to Inclusion

Contributed by Jarod Henderson & Michelle Brander (Teacher Candidates)

No matter what we are doing in life, it is every child’s dream to feel included.  To have that feeling of being part of a team, being accepted for who they are and not being left out.  Unfortunately this is not the case for some students with physical and mental disabilities; but it is our job as educators to create an inclusive and welcoming classroom, where every student can feel like an active participant; specifically talking today in physical activity.

Twitter Summary

Contributed by Catherine Bushell & Kelsey McLaughlin (Teacher Candidates)

We tweeted about Moksha Yoga Kids yoga classes designed to promote mental and physical health through basic yoga poses and imagination.  These classes help children ages 5-12 develop a sense of body awareness, flexibility, strength, stamina, agility, balance, and coordination.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters

Contributed by Diana Farhat (Teacher Candidate)

Big Brother 1Big Brothers Big Sisters is the leading child and youth mentoring organization in Canada. The organization consists of many different mentoring programs, each targeted at children with different needs. The goal of this organization is to provide children and youth with mentors who inspire them to reach their full potential. Through the meaningful relationships formed, children feel supported and their self-esteem and confidence are given a boost.


Contributed by John Apah (Teacher Candidate) 

PREVNet is an active network of 62 community-based organizations and 122 outstanding research scientists across the country including Dr. David Smith of the Faculty of Education of the University of Ottawa.

Through evidence-based research and information on violence and bullying prevention, PREVNet has discovered that repeated aggression, intimidation and shame could cause social and mental health problems to children who bully and to children who are victims. Beside, while the bullies use aggression to have control over their victims, children who get bullied find themselves more and more trapped in a powerless and an uncomfortable situation where they are being abused.


Contributed by Wanda Wong, Hilary Walter, & Fareena Harris (Teacher Candidates)


Sky Zone: The Benefits of Healthy Living

Contributed by Ryan Parry, Megan Lafave, & Emily Reavie (Teacher Candidates)

skyzone1What is Sky Zone?:

Are you tired of the same old fitness routine? Then look no further as Sky Zone offers a different approach to exercise for all ages! Sky Zone offers many activities to keep you engaged and excited to be physically active.