Contributed by John Apah (Teacher Candidate) 

PREVNet is an active network of 62 community-based organizations and 122 outstanding research scientists across the country including Dr. David Smith of the Faculty of Education of the University of Ottawa.

Through evidence-based research and information on violence and bullying prevention, PREVNet has discovered that repeated aggression, intimidation and shame could cause social and mental health problems to children who bully and to children who are victims. Beside, while the bullies use aggression to have control over their victims, children who get bullied find themselves more and more trapped in a powerless and an uncomfortable situation where they are being abused.


Contributed by Wanda Wong, Hilary Walter, & Fareena Harris (Teacher Candidates)


Sky Zone: The Benefits of Healthy Living

Contributed by Ryan Parry, Megan Lafave, & Emily Reavie (Teacher Candidates)

skyzone1What is Sky Zone?:

Are you tired of the same old fitness routine? Then look no further as Sky Zone offers a different approach to exercise for all ages! Sky Zone offers many activities to keep you engaged and excited to be physically active.

KidActive Program Takes Playing Back To Basics

Contributed by Katie Driscoll & Sami Hartwig (Teacher Candidates)

KidActive is a program that enables schools boards, schools and communities to embrace physical activity and natural play.  As students in the BED program, we are excited to go back to the basics of play and learning and show our future students how to enjoy play using the natural spaces we have around us.  Technology is growing and influencing our everyday lives and it’s being utilized in the classroom for the better.   But sometimes we need to learn and play without devices.  This program allows the students to drop the screen time and just enjoy the natural spaces around them.   Kids just need to be kids and run around outside and play.

ERASE Bullying

Contributed by Ian Cook (Teacher Candidate)

One of the main reasons I want to become a teacher is not just to help children learn and grow as students, but also to try and put a stop to bullying. Bullying is something I feel very passionate about, because I have been on both ends of the spectrum, as both bully and victim. I know how harmful and damaging bullying can be, and that is why I want to do everything in my power to stop it once and for all.

CanSkate: Helping Students Learn to Skate!

Contributed by: Maeve Giffin, Chrystina Palmieri, & Jennifer Ta (Teacher Candidates)

Skate Canada is a national organization based out of Ottawa. They have developed a new and improved Learn to CanSkate1Skate program called CanSkate, which is based on Sport Canada’s long-term athlete development (LTAD) principles. CanSkate provides children with the best skating foundation for hockey, figure skating, speed skating, and ringette. The new CanSkate program has been in the works for six years now and has been incorporated into skating clubs across Canada for two years.

Stronger You… Improving physical and mental health amongst students

Contributed by Sarah Thomas & Kelsey Brennan (Teacher Candidates)

stronger you

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Stronger You, a martial arts company located in Barrhaven Ottawa, is a great program to welcome into your school. Stronger You encourages healthy living, both physical and mental amongst children and youth of all ages. A Sensei will come in to your school and lead a program of the teacher’s choice, i.e., karate, taekwondo, etc. Simultaneously with the martial arts, the Sensei’s teach the correct martial arts terminology as well as some basic Japanese.

4-H Programs as a Resource for Promoting School Health

Contributed by Elizabeth Polley (Teacher Candidate)

Head, heart, hands, and health – these are the four words that give 4-H its unique name[1]. What began as a small club for youth started by an Ohio principal at the turn of the 20th century has grown tremendously to become an influential, US-wide not-for-profit[2]. The original 4-H organization has in turn inspired a network of independently-run chapters in more than 50 countries worldwide[3]; in fact, 4-H Canada has its headquarters right here in Ottawa[4].

Participaction – Let’s Get Moving!

Contributed by Cristina Albanese & Alyssa Hartvich (Teacher Candidates)

Participaction is a national non-profit organization that was established by the Canadian government to promote healthy living and physical activity.  Established in 1971, Participaction works with partners such as recreation organizations, various sponsors and physical activity sports programs in order create more physically active Canadian citizens.  This organization’s main objective is to establish “a Canada where physical activity is a part of everyday life”, and to help motivate Canadians to sit less and move more.  Participaction has multiple government programs and events that are targeted around this overall goal.


Contributed by Domenic Urso (Teacher Candidate)

Today, the Comprehensive School Health cohort had the pleasure of attending another wonderful workshop. The presentation, given by Dr. David Smith, focused on a subject area that affects each and every person in the education system: bullying.