Mixed Media Gallery

The Creativity and Aesthetic Experience Committee invites interested contributors to consider displaying their work at the annual Mixed Media Gallery of the Teaching Choices Symposium which runs for 3 consecutive days, from April 25 – 27, 2016.  We invite contributions in any visual medium including video, photography, ceramics, painting, mobiles, sculpture, pottery, poster displays, installations, inter-active displays, and other media.  The deadline for submission requests is April 12, 2016.

We plan to make this year’s Gallery the most amazing aesthetic experience in the history of the Faculty of Education. Won’t you join us?

Information Session: Graduate Studies in Education

Location: LMX 339

Come join the Faculty of Education for our Graduate Studies information sessions. Learn about what types of programs, scholarships, and opportunities the Faculty of Education has to offer to students, as well as admission requirements and other important information. All current and future students are welcome.

Ignite- Like Talk

Registration required: Yes
Cost to attend: Free of charge
Location: Café Ecolo
Sponsored by the Teacher Education Liaison Committee made up of representatives from the local teacher federations and the Teacher Education Student Federation.
Come and celebrate the mid-point of practicum by catching up with your colleagues and hearing the stories of 12 inspiring and exemplary educators. The challenge is they only have 3 minutes each to share.  A wonderful opportunity to laugh, discuss and network.  Invite your Associate Teacher to join you.  Refreshments provided. Sponsored by the Teacher Education Liaison Committee made up of representatives from the local teacher federations and the Teacher Education Student Federation.

Bullying among Canadian children and youth: Scope of problem and evidence-based solutions

**Registration Required**

Presenter: Dr. David Smith

Location: FTX 351

Registration: https://www.eventman.ca/event/31?lang=en

Dr. David Smith is psychologist and professor of counselling at the Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa. His primary research interests center on school-based bullying prevention programs, with a particular emphasis on understanding how they can be made to be more effective. He speaks often in the news media about bullying issues in schools, and he is frequently invited to address educational professionals across Canada about bullying prevention.

*Please see http://www.uocal.uottawa.ca/en/node/13977 for more information*


Contributed by Stephany Garcia (Teacher Candidate)

The Ontario Art Therapy Association is a non-profit organization that consists of members who promote, maintain, and develop the profession of Art Therapy in all of Ontario. Their mission is to serve members and communities by creating standards of Art Therapy education, professional skills and ethical practices.

YOUth Taking Action

Contributed by Jenalynne Celestino and Hodan Omar (Teacher Candidates)

This week’s lunch and learn guest speaker comes in the form of Ian Bingeman, DILA Youth Program Coordinator. During the lunch and learn workshop, the Comprehensive School Health cohort had the pleasure of learning more about encouraging students to achieve social change in and around their local communities.